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Marco Bicego

Since the eponymous jewelry line in 2000, Marco Bicego has redefined the phrase “everyday luxury,” with sensuous and beautiful jewelry that blends Old World Italian craftsmanship and passion. A gifted artisan from a family of goldsmith’s, Marco Bicego possesses an innate sense of what women desire from fashion: uniquely crafted items that are exceptional enough to make a statement, yet personal enough to wear day in and day out. Positioning the brand between the rarefied world of precious jewelry and the accessibility of luxury accessories is Marco Bicego’s mission.

Marco Bicego has a variety of collections that represent his signature aesthetic. Known for his unique “guitar string” coils, dynamic use of colored gemstones and hand-engraving, the jewelry can be youthful and stylish or elegant and classical, but always evocative of the Vicentino artisan.

Combining the past with style, Marco Bicego created the “guitar string” coils in early 2000 as a spin-off from his father’s vintage omega necklaces. His early collections include Madagascar and Santorini, which dance and play on the skin. In early 2002, this line evolved to include the successful twisted gold Marrakech collection; a look inspired by the customs of North African tribes. This year, Marco Bicego further complimented this group with the flattened Goa coil and the exotic Dune collection. Easily worn, the Marco Bicego coil is timeless.

Marco Bicego is dedicated to sophisticated, youthful women who see Marco Bicego as a luxurious self-purchase. In Bicego’s words, “She is a universal woman of style and confidence; she enjoys the luxury of travel and fine food, appreciates art, history, and fine design. She has no specific age or place, but is a woman who wears creationns that flatter her heart and soul, finding luxury in her everyday world and experiences…” –Marco Bicego

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