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Jordan Alexander

Theresa Bruno has always had a love for beauty and artistry. Theresa spent her childhood and early adult years training to be  a classical musician. She believes playing a magnificent sonata or designing a stellar piece of jewelry is all about the same thing—creating something beautiful. She believes it comes so naturally because of her Southern heritage. She was highly influenced by her beautiful and sophisticated Mother and Grandmother, whose soft, Southern style is reflected in her jewelry designs.

Theresa strives to create a look that combines her mother’s and grandmother’s classic approach with her edgier sense of design. She refers to her look as Boho Chic. She adores pearls but wouldn’t feel like herself in traditional pearls. So she pairs big, baroque pearls with chunky mine-cut diamond pieces, and an unexpected tying method. That design gave her the juxtaposition of elegance and hipness she was looking for and was the beginning of the Jordan Alexander Collection.

Most of the designs for Jordan Alexander are produced in LA. However, Theresa Bruno has stayed close to her Southern roots and their home office is located in Birmingham, Alabama.  Theresa and her business partner each have two sons, the name of the line combines the names of their two oldest children, Jordan and Alexander.

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