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David Yurman

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Since 1980, David Yurman has defined jewelry for all lifestyles through unconventional artistry. From iconic Cable bracelets to inventive new creations, these designs express effortless American luxury and superb craftsmanship. Using the finest precious metals, rare gemstones, and innovative materials, David Yurman’s master craftspeople make jewelry of enduring quality and beauty. 

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William Henry

William Henry is an American luxury brand devoted to the vision of jewelry and luxury accessories for men, crafting collections that integrate form and function into exquisite and unique pieces that belong to a category all their own.  Designer and entrepreneur Matt Conable founded the company in 1997 and is now the sole owner. The brand was established creating exclusive and award-winning pocket knives, effectively transforming the archetype of all tools into a superb piece of functional jewelry for men. Today’s collections also include writing instruments, money clips, cuff links, key chains, and William Henry has proudly grown to become one of the most admired and sought after brands in the world of luxury for men.

The seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals & gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys is a hallmark of William Henry’s work.

But what makes this brand so distinctive is that it has proudly retained the aura and feel of an artisan workshop, where every piece is designed and created exclusively in small, limited, often unique editions. “For many premium watch brands, an edition of 1,000 numbered pieces might be an ‘exclusive’ offering” – says Matt Conable. “At William Henry, that would be the largest and least exclusive offering in our history.”

MattConableSHand-forged tapestries in metal, chisel carved silver, hand-burnished gold inlay, fine hand engraving, exotic materials, and inlaid gemstones are interwoven into stunning pieces of timeless stature. The distinctive character of the artistry and the personality of the materials make this brand’s every creation truly unique. No two pieces are alike.

“I like the idea that William Henry’s creations strike a personal chord in our clients” – says Conable.  “Every now and then, it is important to invest in objects that are personal, immediately useful, yet timeless in their appeal and relevance – these rare pieces are imbued with the personality of their owners, and become part of their living legacy”.

Matt Conable founded the company with the belief that he could create objects he could be proud of and that would stand the test of time; and that he could take care of people along the way, building a culture more akin to a family than a corporation, a studio than a factory.  That’s the dream that started William Henry, and that’s the dream we live today.


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Deakin & Francis



Gumuchian is a gem of a jewelry collection that’s treasured by the cognoscenti who can spot true European craftsmanship and superior design a mile away. Owned and operated with meticulous attention to quality by Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia, this boutique company is proud to do it all, from the selection of brilliant diamonds through their family-run offices in Antwerp, to the actual manufacturing in the heart of New York. These three women design every piece of their sparkling collections with an intuitive feel for what modern women of style crave today. Generations of experience combined with pure passion glow through: owning a Gumuchian is owning a piece of art.


Deakin & Francis

Brothers James and Henry Deakin are the seventh generation of the family to manage Deakin & Francis®.

During school holidays James and Henry joined their father at work, watching and learning from the craftsmen and attending trade shows in London and Switzerland. Both fully qualified, James studied at the Gemological Institute of America and is a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist. Henry studied gemology at the International Gemological Institute in Vicenza and is a Graduate Gemologist and Designer.

NANIS italian jewels


“Go beyond the trend, Go Fashion forward with Nanis Jewels”

The Nanis Collection of Fine Jewelry is the creative expression of world renowned designer Laura Bicego. Laura is a second generation jeweler, she learned her craft from her Father Giuseppe Bicego at the family’s’ manufacturing workshop in the serene Italian countryside of Trissino, Vicenza.  And it is in this same town that Laura and husband Piero, founded their own factory and jewelry design house.

Choosing NANIS means to choose masterpieces of creativity, high quality craftsmanship and exclusive collections. Nanis jewels merged together diamonds, precious stones, mother of pearl and they are enriched with superb handmade finishing such as the meticulous manual engraving.  

And voilà! The result is a jewel that can be reinvented: NANIS’ pendants can be converted into a bracelet, necklaces turn into belts, and modular earrings can be composed and worn in numerous different ways.

Jewelry pieces that range from a minimal design to fancy and highly wrought shapes, authentic fashion accessories, jewelry of great emotional impact and faultless finishing.

Jewels in 18kt, gold with diamonds and enrichments or natural color stones, 925 sterling silver enriched with marcasite beads, colorful are a unique expression of creativity.

Nanis combines fine Italian designs with modern practicality.  Laura melds traditional; hand crafted gold working techniques with an elegant and stylized flare.  Today, Nanis is recognized internationally as the symbol in fine Italian design.


Tomasz Donocik

London based designer Tomasz Donocik was born in Poland and raised in Austria.  After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Donocik worked for internationally renowned jeweler Stephen Webster.

Donocik’s body of work boldly reinterprets modernity through subverting motifs of classicism and masculinity. His inspirations bring together literature, architecture and surrealism to redefine jewellery for the contemporary accessories wearer.

With the skill of an artisan and unrestricted by the constraints of traditional jewellery design, Donocik’s work aims to challenge preconceptions of self-adornment. Through the sensitive fusion of materials, his bold, masculine and often androgynous designs inject the discipline with new meaning and form.

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Marco Bicego

Since the eponymous jewelry line in 2000, Marco Bicego has redefined the phrase “everyday luxury,” with sensuous and beautiful jewelry that blends Old World Italian craftsmanship and passion. A gifted artisan from a family of goldsmith’s, Marco Bicego possesses an innate sense of what women desire from fashion: uniquely crafted items that are exceptional enough to make a statement, yet personal enough to wear day in and day out. Positioning the brand between the rarefied world of precious jewelry and the accessibility of luxury accessories is Marco Bicego’s mission.

Marco Bicego has a variety of collections that represent his signature aesthetic. Known for his unique “guitar string” coils, dynamic use of colored gemstones and hand-engraving, the jewelry can be youthful and stylish or elegant and classical, but always evocative of the Vicentino artisan.

Combining the past with style, Marco Bicego created the “guitar string” coils in early 2000 as a spin-off from his father’s vintage omega necklaces. His early collections include Madagascar and Santorini, which dance and play on the skin. In early 2002, this line evolved to include the successful twisted gold Marrakech collection; a look inspired by the customs of North African tribes. This year, Marco Bicego further complimented this group with the flattened Goa coil and the exotic Dune collection. Easily worn, the Marco Bicego coil is timeless.

Marco Bicego is dedicated to sophisticated, youthful women who see Marco Bicego as a luxurious self-purchase. In Bicego’s words, “She is a universal woman of style and confidence; she enjoys the luxury of travel and fine food, appreciates art, history, and fine design. She has no specific age or place, but is a woman who wears creationns that flatter her heart and soul, finding luxury in her everyday world and experiences…” –Marco Bicego


Heather B. Moore

“I have always been motivated to document the times in life that have made a true impact on your character. We are making an impression in the metal just like the story that you are documenting has made an impression in your life. You have to embrace those moments and Cherish Who You Are®.” -Heather Moore

In 1994, Heather Moore introduced personalized jewelry to the luxury market.  She combines her talent for storytelling with her passion for the arts to create a line that allows you to CHERISH WHO YOU ARE®.  This collection is about documenting your story and remembering what shaped it along the way.  What defines you?  Family, achievements, friends, travel…

Heather Moore uses a freehand technique where each character is individually hand stamped.  This method allows them to give every piece a unique personality to match your stories.  All of Heather Moore’s stamps are specific to the company as they mill them at their studio in Cleveland, Ohio.  Heather Moore has the ability to create your family’s crest, your wedding monogram, or your company, charity and school logos.  Heather Moore can even replicate a sketch or your child’s drawing.  Heather Moore encourages customers to have fun with all the combinations of sterling silver, yellow, rose, white, and green gold.*  All of Heather Moore’s pieces are classic, enduring designs that you can collect for a lifetime.  Your stories will continue to be shown and worn as they are passed down through generations as heirlooms of family history.

“We want your charms to reflect the happiness, laughter and achievement behind each story.  As life goes on, and you have more stories to celebrate, you can add on by choosing different layouts that map out the cherished memories of your journey, wherever you find yourself in your travels. Over time, you will have an amazing collection of pieces that capture moments in time, and truly reflect who you are.” -Heather Moore

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Jordan Alexander

Theresa Bruno has always had a love for beauty and artistry. Theresa spent her childhood and early adult years training to be  a classical musician. She believes playing a magnificent sonata or designing a stellar piece of jewelry is all about the same thing—creating something beautiful. She believes it comes so naturally because of her Southern heritage. She was highly influenced by her beautiful and sophisticated Mother and Grandmother, whose soft, Southern style is reflected in her jewelry designs.

Theresa strives to create a look that combines her mother’s and grandmother’s classic approach with her edgier sense of design. She refers to her look as Boho Chic. She adores pearls but wouldn’t feel like herself in traditional pearls. So she pairs big, baroque pearls with chunky mine-cut diamond pieces, and an unexpected tying method. That design gave her the juxtaposition of elegance and hipness she was looking for and was the beginning of the Jordan Alexander Collection.

Most of the designs for Jordan Alexander are produced in LA. However, Theresa Bruno has stayed close to her Southern roots and their home office is located in Birmingham, Alabama.  Theresa and her business partner each have two sons, the name of the line combines the names of their two oldest children, Jordan and Alexander.